Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The State of the Environmental Movement (Cont.)

To present a better example than perhaps I did below, I have fished out one of the pamphlets I received at the lecture I talked of below. Headed up with "It's time for some fresh thinking", by the end of reading the page below, you are bound to agree with the heading more and more. The point of the pamphlet is to illustrate the Greens are more than just a student party, saying "Tackling tertiary issues is one part of a much larger challenge".

It offers three areas that the challenge can be broadened to: "Sustainable Economic Development", "Green Energy Future", and "Environmental Protection". I'll take a look at what they say under the second issue:

"Maui gas has nearly run out, most of it wasted. World oil production will soon peak and decline. We don't want all our rivers dammed. It is time for a power-shift to a Green energy futureby cutting energy waste and working with nature's power.

The Greens say that to secure our future we must reduce our dependence on fossil fuel. A Green future would have us using energy efficiently, developing renewable resources, and living within the limits of the planet"
All very nice indeed. But they are scant on exactly what the Greens say the media don't report - their solutions. "[U]sing energy efficiently" is a nie soundbite, but it's not a policy; it's a mantra. Now presumably somewhere the Greens do say how - but in their publications that actually get out they do not. Instead, the leaflet points to their website, www.greens.org.nz.

Turn the leaflet over though, and you get clear policy on one area they do seem to care about: student debt. Of course the Greens are politically motivated in this - with students voting the Greens in record numbers. But clear policy directives here like "Cap fees at $1500" and a specific website, www.greens.org.nz/tertiary, show that they know what is important - and perhaps it's not stressing their solutions to environmental issues. So next time frog says that the media don't report their solutions, one has to wonder why the Greens themselves don't.


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